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Social media is a great tool and we enjoy it. There are so many pictures, videos, and just any and everything that keeps us scrolling. However, the platforms are so fast-paced that information gets lost in cyberspace. I don't want your health & wellness to get lost so I'm inviting you to become a Live Clean VIP with me, Dr.V! 

Why? Well, you may have seen a post and a few things happened:

1. You were interested in the product but the timing wasn't right, 

2. You may have forgotten to respond to that message I sent, or 

3. You didn't want that particular product anymore but couldn't find the one that initially sparked your interest. 

Instead of searching through timelines or avoiding the DMs you can get on the list to get updated information about all things health, wellness, and clean living from my new e-commerce venture. I also want to share a fun downloadable with you "Check Your Life: 12-Area Health and Wellness Assessment". Did you know that there are 12 domains of your life that need your attention? :-)

As a Live Clean VIP, you will receive quick information about the products, micro tips on how to use them, special promotion deals, and some behind the scenes information about the company and my personal team.

We will not spam your inbox, nor will we pressure you to purchase. AT ALL! We are infopreneurs meaning that our job is to educate you and it's your job to choose. Our only responsibility is to EMPOWER you to have a clear Yes or a clear No. 

Either way, we would love to support you in any way we can on your journey to living your best life inside, outside and all around.

Stay Healthy My Friend!

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