Have you ever said or heard: "they look good on PAPER?" Well, I have something to say about that and it may not be what you think.....

If you never heard the phrase “looks good on paper” it means that an idea or plan may work in theory but not really in real life. Or, if the phrase is used with a person, it often means that their résumé, credentials, accolades, or material possessions, etc. are ideal and judgements can be made about them without meeting them.

Over the years, I noticed that I was focusing on the "paper" things in my life. I was building my life based on a résumé or a curriculum vitae. 

I‘m sure you’re a high-achieving, successful, professional person and you spent majority of your time building your business or career.  AGREED???

Although résumés or CVs  are necessary, why do they take up 80-85 % of who we are? We become consumed with questions like: What was going to be my next job title? How many degrees can I earn? Where will my next speaking engagement be held? What article can write and where would it get published? What book will I write next?  What course will I create? How many contracts or deals can I close this quarter? How far can I go? So forth and so on...

           QUESTION: Have you worked so hard to build your                     professional life that your personal life either doesn’t               match or it’s non-existent? 

That ends TODAY!
Introducing the 10 Ways to Look Good on Paper and in Life! 

Ten (10) ways you can use the same skills you used to stand out professionally to make your personal life POP!

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