We all know about working hard for our professional lives ....but have you ever considered the sam "grit" for your REAL life? 

We often achieve so much in our professional lives that we forget to show up for ourselves in our personal lives. We approach our careers with such Grit that we usually crush all our goals, even the ones that may have been impossible. However, we aren't so Gritty in the other areas of our lives. If we're able to Embrace Grit both professionally and personally, we will truly reach a level of Greatness we didn't know was possible.

* Have you ever sat back and looked at all your accomplishments, but still felt empty inside?

* Are you able to work the crowd at the office party, but realize that you don’t have that one good friend to call?

* Have you focused so much on your career that you neglected your health and wellness, relationships, or the connection to God or your Higher Power?

If you answered yes to any of those questions or some variation, then this complementary Life Mini-Course is for you.

Experience a powerful portion of my  book through a series with the author (Me!) reviewing the Grit for Greatness Check-in's which will take you on a journey to either uncover, unblock or unleash your Brilliance. You will see how easy it can be for high-achievers and performers to hide behind being powerful professionally on the outside, but feeling depleted on the inside.

You will discover that these aren't just stories, but also practical exercises for all areas of your life. 

Yes, I'm for the journey. 

It's time to use the same skills you used to stand out professionally to make your personal life POP!

I want to save you some time (and money) by getting a jumpstart on your self-awareness and mindset that I wish I had. We think the time suckers are mostly external but that isn’t true. 

Did you know that we spend about 85% of our time focusing on careers/business and 15 % on everything else? OUCH!

Ready for a more Fulfilled Life?

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Embracing Grit for Greatness: Becoming Professionally Powerful Through Personal Empowerment is a great book that. Not only will you feel like someone understands your struggle, you will also be given tools and strategies to help you become your most Empowered self on the other side.

Hi, I'm Dr. Vernita Glenn-White

I help successful professional women who are ready to live a more fulfilled life beyond their positions, titles, and degrees.

It's time to V.I.B.E