We all know about writing résumés for our professional lives ....but have you ever consider "writing" one for you REAL life? 

Here’s the thing, high achieving professionals like yourself know a lot of things about receiving accolades, making sure your CV or Résumé was high quality , and everything else that would make you stand out for the next job or position. 

I'm sure you spent hours making sure everything was in place and highlighted what you needed to get to the next level.  Do you agree? 

As high achievers, we have a tendency to focus on our professional lives and investing in what we need to climb the career ladder or make the next business deal while ignoring our personal lives.

But why don't we put that much effort into all the other areas of our lives? 

Do we even know where to start?

Well I have something to help! I have compiled 10 easy ways to use what we know about building our professional CV or Résumé to take our personal lives to the next level. 

Yes, I want to look good in REAL life too. 

It's time to use the same skills you used to stand out professionally to make your personal life POP!

I want to save you some time (and money) by getting a jumpstart on your self-awareness and mindset that I wish I had. We think the time suckers are mostly external but that isn’t true. 

Did you know that we spend about 85% of our time focusing on careers/business and 15 % on everything else? OUCH!

Ready for a more Fulfilled Life?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vernita Glenn-White

I help successful professional women who are ready to live a more fulfilled life beyond their positions, titles, and degrees.

It's time to V.I.B.E